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Termite Inspection


Schedorhinotermes SPP


Schedorhinotermes intermedius usually nest in dry stumps, dead trees, timber in contact with soil and most importantly are attracted to moisture during dry summer times. They can cause substantially severe damage if not detected early. To correctly identify these species of termites is to locate the Major and Minor Soldier. Only most effective treatment is by baiting.

Microcerotermes SPP


Microcerotermes leave mounds above ground, high up in trees, power poles and houses. They cause severe damage in great numbers if not detected sooner. To correctly identify these species is to locate the soldier which has a rectangular head shape with mandibles that cross over. Treatments can be as simple as the use of a transferable chemical at the top of the nest or if in a house most effectively by bait.



Nasutitermes also create mounds up in trees most commonly. To correctly identify these species is locate the soldier which can be distinguished by its dark colour. Treating these species can be as simple at pouring a transferable chemical through from the top of the nest.

Common Pests



Ants as irritating as they can get when they invade your home or your picnic. However they are great for the environment. Ants can be in millions depending on their species. Most effective treatment for ants is by bait through their social behaviour of Trophallaxis.

German Cockroaches


These small to medium sized cockroaches that dwell in dark and hidden areas most commonly around kitchens. With a 99% success rate of ridding these cockroaches the only way to treat them is by use of bait or transferable chemicals. 



Spiders by far would have to be the most feared land animal without a backbone. Most effective treatment is to flush them out of their hiding areas using Permethrin Dust and spray with a stronger repellent chemical for fast knockdown.

Rodents and Vermin

Rats and Mice


Rodents have been to carry many diseases and are a common house hold pest during cold weather. They dwell in wall cavities and roof voids causing substantial damages to properties. Effective treatment is bait and to rotate bait constituent regularly as their immune system can adapt to the same poisons.



Possums are protected species in Australia. They are only to be handled by licensed professionals. You cannot remove a Possum from its regular habitat further than 25 meters. Possums can not survive without a den as they can be attacked by birds and other Possums if they try to nest in its den. Regular treatment is to remove the Possum from the house and place it in a den till the entry area is patched up.

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If you see a single cockroach in your house, chances are you have an infestation.

Who is Atom Pest

 At Atom Pest Control we’re a tight-knit family, dedicated to serving our customers. We each pledge to uphold the highest of quality standards at all times and thoroughly meet your needs.  

Rodents gnaw on hard surfaces to keep their front teeth sharpened.


Our technicians are passionate about pest control management. Each of them is professionally licensed and experienced serving the needs of homeowners. 

When Ants age their internal organs are fed to the larvae and the outer shell is then disposed off.

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Atom Pest Control offers custom pest control plans to suit you. We specialise in removal and prevention of infestations by insects and rodents, including spiders, cockroaches, fleas, ticks, ants, bees, mice, and a host of other irritating invasive species. We offer monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly service intervals, with no long-term contracts. We’re always available between visits should you need us.       

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